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In our life we often tend to prefer machines, robots, artificial mind and mechanisms. Even in the intimate sphere techniques started ousting human beings. Not to lag behind progressive generation and to meet a young person beyond reality, not just to meet but to start relationship, I decided to enter the world of on-line dating.
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Love and romantic relations always meant the unity of impossible, of two full oppositions, of man and woman. Not surprisingly, on this thorny path in some time after we gained experience of communication with the opposite sex, we make our personal list where we enumerate what a man mustnít ever do. Itís time for us to speak about 10 the most common menís habits that get on our nerves most of all.
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Somebody's first love was on the black list, someone else has the most pleasant memories. As it frequently occurs: the first kiss, the first feelingsÖ The first disappointment and before that - the first sufferings.
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If you think of it, any woman being a faithful and loving wife, at the bottom of her heart dreams of a resort affair, itís so to say, some light but unforgettable love affair.There is no saying about unfaithfulness; itís just a flirtation, exciting your blood, a brief affair that for some time will bring you on cloud seven, that will make you forget of family life and your duties.
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There are several categories of men surfing through dating services. Letís see if their personality types coincides with your requirements.
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