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The First Love

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  Somebody's first love was on the black list, someone else has the most pleasant memories. As it frequently occurs: the first kiss, the first feelingsÖ The first disappointment and before that - the first sufferings.

I donít know how to range my first love as I think first love has several classifications and maybe even subclasses. And approximately we can make the following order of its classification:

1. The first child love

It may sound amusing, but we fall in love in childhood at first as soon as we understand that we feel drawn to someone, that we want to attract this personís attention, when we are afraid to seem awkward if this very person is by our side.

So there was a boy in our group, I remember him very well, he was a blond. I even remember his name.

Well, every girl liked him, they tried to let their wonderful hair down during the rest time and after this period pretending that their hair got disheveled. Children are children, there is nothing to be done!

But I still canít understand what attracted us in him. As it turned out our psychology develops so quickly that even at that age we realize that if someone got interested in you, you should study this person properly.

So women are coquettes since childhood. As soon as a boy made a declaration of love we faint from happiness. Yes, but we also donít take seriously the depth of disappointment.

2. The first love

The first love is something that makes you think only of this person, when you see or want to see only him or her, when you realize that you canít live without this person.

The first love during adolescence always goes side by side with pain. Itís the start of pubescence. Feelings and emotions become acute.

My first love, really first, was towards a boy a year older than me. We spent all our childhood together, in the same company. Then our relationship was over. But thatís not the point. There were dates- partings- pleasure! We met in three years, he came to return me some book and he showed me the photo of his just another beauty. Itís a pity, women spoilt him.

Heís not bad, but he was the only one for me, unique, my dearÖI saw all the girls who dated with him and ran after him, even my friends contrived to spend ďthe best months of their livesĒ with him.

In general, I was just another one on his list and he was the first on mine. We didnít date for long. He needed to win hearts! I have no regrets, and now I understand it was right that we parted.

3. Real love

When you have a very precise idea of what you want, if you had rich experience, when you know your own value you become exigent.Thatís when you meet Him. He is ideal, he is the one you have been waiting for. He entirely meets your expectations. You constantly think of him: your first thoughts in the morning are about him, on your way to work you think of him again, you canít sleep at night as the thoughts about him donít let you fall asleep, you wake up happy in the morning because you saw him in your sleep.Itís wonderful when this feeling lasts transforming in its quality bur reserving its essence.

You constantly miss him even if he left you for a couple of minutes; your heart skips a beat when you see him but you are afraid to reveal these feelings because you canít get rid of the fear to lose him.

You chase these thoughts. You are happy with him, not less. But as soon as something unpleasant happens that tests your feelings, the parting is inevitable. You start to panic, you understand that soon everything will be over, though you try to conceal it. Possibly, because you didnít trust a person absolutely, blindly, but, unfortunately, it doesnít matter now.

Well, youíve parted. Thatís it! For the first time in your life you donít wake up cheerful just like it was before when you parted with young people. Has he really hooked you? Day and night, alone or in somebodyís company you are bathed in tears and feel depressed? Nothing helps, they say only time heals. Yes, itís not easy.

Well, cheer up! Be more optimistic, my friends! Youíve done everything you could, you loved him till the end. But he disappointed you. And you start to analyze him looking for his negative points, and you find them: he is not well-off, he doesnít work and so on and so forth, and gradually you become rational. Once one of my friends said a wise thing: when last hope leaves, reason comes. She is quite right. He broke my heart, but the wound healed, though the scars were left, but thatís fine. A lot of wonderful things are going to happen.

4. Rational love

Thatís what all of us strive for anyway, itís such a kind of love when people first of all respect each other. They can trust each other completely, take the hints at once. These are people who have a lot in common.

The motivating force in this union is family creation! For its sake people work, make plans for the future, itís a real marriage! Such relationship is mature, these are the two strongholds, they will stand till the end. They are frugal in their emotions and feelings, but they know they have a person to rely on. Itís strong friendship and love at the same time.

What does a woman dream of? About happiness in marriage, then letís lay the foundation of a happy marriage by ourselves. Donít create what you built as itís easier to destroy than to build. Value what you have. Love each other.

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The First Love
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