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Online Dating - blind date experience

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  In our life we often tend to prefer machines, robots, artificial mind and mechanisms. Even in the intimate sphere techniques started ousting human beings. Not to lag behind progressive generation and to meet a young person beyond reality, not just to meet but to start relationship, I decided to enter the world of on-line dating.

So in order to get acquainted with someone by means of internet you are to register on dating site. There are a lot of sites of this kind, so you have a choice. To increase the chances you may register on several online dating sites. Usually it’s quite easy, but sometimes difficulties are possible, so be patient.

Then you need to fill in your own questionnaire, where you should indicate who you are, what your desires and interests are. The third step you should do is to place your photos into a special photo album, then you’ll have more chances to be noticed. And finally you should communicate with people.

So being very skeptical, I started visiting this site regularly. In a month I had forty people in my “arsenal”, with its half I communicated. I had to say good-bye to others at once, putting their letters into the basket of “blocked users”.

By the way, surprisingly, I entertained me at first and my attitude towards virtual communication didn’t remain serious for a long time. First of all, dozens of indecent proposals came in from anonyms, people concealed their names, told nothing about themselves. At a certain moment there appeared the desire to erase my profile, as my communication with some people went wrong, as it seemed to me. Their unjustified pathos caused my aggression.

My communication with a man who liked to dress in drag was fine, he was haunted by gays and perverts. Unfortunately, he couldn’t bear it and so withdrew having left his e-mail address for me. He invited me for a party with disguise, developing into something really intimate. He was a nice guy, but when I saw his photos in the nude, I was in a shock for two days, as my ideas of him were quite different, because you usually imagine a young, slim, affected and stylish man, but he turned out to be a tall “body-builder” who, most evidently, listened to rock music and mingled in the society of hard rockers.

I noticed such a tendency - those who sent messages themselves-looked, to put in mildly, bad. I had to choose myself. But those who, in my opinion, were nice and adequate also were terribly conceit.

I should admit that nature didn’t deprive me of its gifts, but on the contrary, I always got a great deal of attention, yet I never was a pretty top model. So the army of admirers increased even though I had only one and small photo in my profile.

So the moment came when I was “attacked” by proposals to meet, to give my phone number, or requests to add photos in my profile. I answered that I had some other photos but didn’t want the whole country to see them, as it may attract too many admirers. Besides, I didn’t want to be on the top of the list as I had my own reasons for it and had to waste money.

At the first invitation to meet I was worried, it was my debut – I had an experience of blind date, but in this case it was far more difficult and more interesting. You don’t know what person you are going to meet.

But I decided to prove myself as an adventurous, careless teenager , who risks her life, not suspecting it, they say, everyone wants to remember old days sometimes.

I received an answer from a man who didn’t bother to place his photo. What for do I do it? But his pressure gained the upper hand. From the other hand we should start somehow. So we exchanged phone numbers. From our dialogue, to be more exact, from his monologue I understood that in his imagination he wanted me to be a silly blonde that had complexes about every single trifle, and was not of this world.

I managed to insert into his monologue only interjections.Trying to answer his first question I instantly had to switch to another, and I didn’t manage to, shame on me. I finally met a person who talks three times as fast as I do. I hardly managed even to think!

That’s what I found out about him: he was married twice, he even had children! He eagerly tried to seem cool and athletic! How much showing off, how sweet! He even decided to pick me up from work. And I agreed. Why? Women’s curiosity conquered!

Who are you, mysterious talker? But my friend didn’t let me go alone. She said she wouldn’t sleep the whole night. What if he would take me to the forest and then “stall”?Agreed! I took her with me! I go out, worried, smartened myself –a slit long skirt, low neck-line, everything’s perfect.

Where are you, my “universal” macho? Oh, God! What’s this? What’s this approaching? A short, non-athletic, unattractive young man came up to us came up and saw us to the car. The car was really, really good and went very smoothly, rocking us. There was a DVD player that caused interest, thanks to it we didn’t get bored, we watched the film all the way. Everything could be great if only I could curtain off the driver’s seat. Well, he might be a good person. He didn’t react to jokes, all his chatter disappeared somewhere. His eyes were fixed on me…“God, he might be a remarkable person if he was married twice”, I thought. He treated us to cheap canned cocktails in spite of all his wealth, and his phone wasn’t expensive. Women always pay attention to details, so doubt crept in that the car wasn’t his, and he was just someone’s driver.

Finally when my friend got out, we were left alone. And declarations of love, compliments, plans of our future were made.“I must stop it”, I thought. Delicately, evading the conversation, having watched the film, I escaped. Luckily, he wasn’t too insistent and understood that I didn’t like him.

I haven’t met my prince yet, so virtual love is to be continued soon.It’s important to remember that if the first blind date wasn’t successful, practice makes perfect and a lot of candidates are left, so don’t fall into despair.

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Online Dating - blind date experience
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