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What kind of singles surfs the net for personal ads?

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There are several categories of men surfing through dating services. Let’s see if their personality types coincides with your requirements.

1. “Philosopher”. This category includes married men of 30-35 yrs. With 1 child. They are tired of their marriage, but not going to divorce their wives for some or other reason. “Philosophers” seek distraction, young women, to turn their heads.They are really smart, educated, and interesting. Relationship is a blend of romance, outpourings, complains about his life and wife, boasting of his child’s success at school, etc.

If a “Philosopher” likes his virtual girlfriend, he will incline her to have sexual intercourse with him. Usually a philosopher is jealous and ambitious, and it’s not so easy for him to have an extramarital affair. “Philosophers” “chew” their girlfriends like a gum. If it becomes tasteless – they simply spit it out. So beware of such men! They are unhappy, and will make you unhappy too. But remember: “Philosophers” are experts of seducing.

2. “Prince”. It’s men of approximately the same age. They either have no children, or are almost divorced. If a “Prince” surfs on the net, he usually becomes an inseparable part of it. This is how he distracts from his family problems. He seeks acknowledgment and approval in virtual world. Since every girl dreams of her prince, soon he possesses a great “collection” of female friends among whom he chooses which he likes most. He is generous and honest. He will never tell you are the only one for him. Moreover, he will never flirt with the two girls online simultaneously. The end is usually the following: “Prince” eventually chooses a girlfriend he likes most. His real life is replaced by virtual romance. You have little chance of success, but still you have it.

3. “Dwarf”. These guys spend most of their time online chatting with people. They have creative thinking, they have sense of humour, and a ready tongue. They are experts at virtual romance. They take in, they seduce, they attract, and fool… They make you worry about their feelings for you. Being entrapped by their charm, you risk feeling emotionally dependent upon them. It may result in a nervous breakdown in case you find out that: first, your “Dwarf” has a girlfriend in reality that he loves. Why then?.. Because he needs self-affirmation; and second, his appearance leaves much to be desired (he is either fat, or short, or has acne problem). “Dwarfs” have a common feature: inferiority complex. If a girl fell in love with a “Dwarf” , he’ll hold on to her and never let go, because he is not sure that somebody else will ever love him. “Dwarfs” end their romance in a following way: they either tell you it’s all over, or go on dating in real life, but never attach themselves to you. But the second variant usually results in failure: on seeing her “Dwarf” the virtual girlfriend is frightened. How could she communicate with such a monster for so long? The “Dwarf” goes back to his virtual reality and sticks to the first variant of breaking with his girlfriends… Morality is the following: Don’t believe in passionate love of a person who has never saw you, and be careful when chatting online with a person you have never saw.

4. “Sysadmin”. They spend days and nights online at the office. They go on Dating sites just to while away the time. Besides discharging their obligations, surfing, reading, searching mp3 and other programs, sysadmins choose time for entertainment. If a girl happens to be online, it’s a) on business; b) by mistake; c) she’s married. The only thing that spoils the impression is that he’s married. Most “Sysadmins” are married. For reasons of practicality – they need somebody to wash their shirts, or make breakfast. “Sysadmins” are unpretentious. They won’t demand much from their wife. They are lazy. That’s why you have a fair chance to seize him up. But you have to determine for yourself who you are: a wife or a mistress. If you choose the first variant, you have to prove your individuality. You have to prove that you are better than his wife. If you are going to be a “Sysadmin’s” wife, you have to be ready for the following “obligations”: bringing him dinner to the office, wash his clothes, darn his socks, etc.

5. “March Cat”. It’s the category of men that seek women everywhere: in bars, cafes, night clubs, gymnasiums, on the net. A “March Cat” has bona fides. If you feel you have something in common with him - it’s your chance. By the way, if you were not impressed by his ICQ message, don’t hurry to break with him. Sometimes people experience difficulties in writing letters, but they are interesting interlocutors that can listen. First impression can be deceptive.

Don’t rely on photographs. It’s well-known that one and the same person can look absolutely different on photo and in reality. However, you’d better have his (her) photo before your first meeting. Just in case… It will also help to recognize each other. Descriptions like “I’ll be waiting near the laundry. I’ll have green shorts and white sports shirt on” don’t work. With a “Cat” you stand a better chance. You don’t have to prove anything to him, fight for him or pity him. He seeks a woman, and you seek a man. If this item coincides with your requirements – you are lucky.

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What kind of singles surfs the net for personal ads?
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