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Top 10 menís habits that get on our nerves most of all

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  Love and romantic relations always meant the unity of impossible, of two full oppositions, of man and woman. Not surprisingly, on this thorny path in some time after we gained experience of communication with the opposite sex, we make our personal list where we enumerate what a man mustnít ever do. Itís time for us to speak about 10 the most common menís habits that get on our nerves most of all.

The first place takes inaccuracy, untidiness and absolute lack of neatness. If you think of it and consider how many rows occur if your darling forgets about a shower and a piece of soap. But you can tell about it to your dear, not to your colleague.

Working with people in an office we suppose that they are well-groomed, with good taste. But unfortunately, there appears a person who will terribly smell with sweat. Itís unpleasant to approach such a person. Foul smell from the mouth also causes a negative reaction. My God, donít they know about hygiene?

A man who bites his nails, justifying himself by nervousness is just inaccurate and doesnít like to take care of himself. So lack of accuracy in appearance doesnít mean that he will be pure and noble inside. There are a lot of facts and proofs that itís better not to trust them, though there are some exceptions.

The next most popular irritating habit is untidiness. Itís a drawback that includes, in some peopleís opinion, many other bad habits.

For example, scattering dirty socks in the corners, throwing clothes everywhere, when clean clothes are found among dirty. Dirt in the bathroom and toilet, mess on the kitchen table after dinnerÖ

The third annoying factor can be described like this: you are in a terrible hurry but he is sitting at the toilet or, for example, he is constantly looking for his clothes, even on his dressing table and is asking you where they are.

The fourth place takes effrontery and lack of respect towards women. Curses, saucy behavior and impudence- all this shocks us and repulses.

No matter what drawback a person has, if he doesnít pay attention to it, doesnít try to improve, it turns into a habit.

The fifth point is the custom to talk about phones, computer games and football in the presence of women. Dear men, we donít ask you to talk about cosmetics, but there exist more abstract subjects.

In the sixth place in our Ďhit paradeí is lack of respect to your interlocutor and constant display of menís egoism. Iíll explain: during the conversation you are often interrupted, the words ĎMeí, Ďmeí and again Ďmeí bore us and such a vivid example of narcissism is really sad. Such people donít listen to anybody, always consider themselves right and are inattentive to others.

Unpunctuality and oblivion are considered to be womenís privilege. But how can we speak about respect if it concerns men? Itís the seventh point.

The eighth place takes the habit to scratch, for example, intimate parts of body, especially in public. It looks great, if a young person whom you have idealized starts scratching all accessible parts of his body when he stands up. To scratch, to adjust, to pick whatever Ė menís main habits.

Itís absolutely disgusting - to spit! And those who snore should get treatment at a specialized hospital.

The ninth place share the habits to go back on your promises and of course constant jealousy. As for jealousy, itís very common in all men. Itís common to think they are great owners.

The tenth place share mere inattentiveness: when a man doesnít notice changes in a womanís appearance; arrogance, didacticism, making silly surprises, often unpleasant, continuous shopping, though they hate womenís shopping.

Besides, they call us tattlers and gossipers, but men also like to chat, in this case they are called yaps.

And the most exasperating factor, when you are very eager to stop your relationship is his inability to kiss as a woman likes to do it, well, sheer incompatibility.

Itís not easy to consider it as a habit, but on the other hand, many women decide whether they want to be with a man or not relying on a test kiss. Because one man constantly slavers, another tries to gulp you or something else, no doubt, itís absolutely disgusting.

Summing it up, I ask you to pay attention on the fact that we missed one really important thing: men can be very exigent in their choice of a woman but very often they donít meet their own expectations - itís extremely annoying.

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Top 10 menís habits that get on our nerves most of all
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